Gabriele Stellbaum was born in Berlin, Germany. She exhibited extensively in solo and group shows in Europe and the U.S. Her video work is in public and private collections in the US and abroad. Her video work has recently been reviewed at and Director’s Lounge. Stellbaum is director, producer, script writer and actor for her video works.

Recent group shows include:

2022: “Activist Neuroaesthetics in Video Art”, WAYOUT, Kandos, Australia; “Blind Vision” Treptow Ateliers, Berlin; “Activist Neuroaesthetics in Video Art” Sawtooth ARI, Lanceston, Australia; 2021: “Heroines of Sound” DIS-A Collaboration with Ying Wang, Villa Elisabeth, Berlin; “Activist Neuroaesthetic Filmscreening im Babylon” vom Kunstverein L40, Berlin, Germany;  “Fünf Seen Festival” Munich, Germany;  Proyector 2021 Madrid, Spain; Best of Proyector FONLAD Festival, Spain; Best of Proyector FIVA Festival, Spain . 2020: “The Wake Up Memorial”, NewMediaFest 2020 online, 2019: “Heroines of Sound”, Radial System Berlin; “PEACE – dont make me laugh // You A Two Minute Brother”, SporKlübü Berlin; “Radically Subjective”, Directors Lounge at Mitte Media Festival Berlin; 2018: “My House is on Fire”, Directors Lounge, Berlin; Video Medeja:Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novisad Serbia; Media Festival Mitte, Berlin; Vorspiel of Transmediale Berlin, Interleaved Space at Vierte Welt, “California Dreaming” The WOW in Los Angeles, Torrence Art Museum, Los Angeles; Germany; 2017: PROYECTOR 2017, “Special Edition”, Madrid, Spain; “The Real Estate Show Extended”, Art Point Berlin; “Retreat” Kino Central with Medienwerkstatt Berlin; Kolonie Wedding – Berlin Contemporary Art in Finland,  Hyvinkää Art Museum, FIN; The Refugee Collection 2017 online; “We Will Fail” at W:OW Art Film & Video Festival 2017, India; 2016: “In the Name of Truth: Time, Peace & Humanity”, Torrence Art Museum, Los Angeles; “Arme Sammler”, Galerie Mitte, Bremen, Germany, “Refugee!” Film Collection @Festival x 24 Festival, Gainsborough/UK; “Traces of Transformation”, NOVO Artspace Cologne, “Bang” Festival de Video Arte de Barcelona, Spain; “Refugee!”, For Peace & Humanity_ArtVideoCologne; 2015: Screening “Blue Moon”, Kino Central with Medienwerkstatt Berlin;  FIVA Festival Internacional de Videoarte – Buenos Aires; “You knee them in the chin…I”Spor Klübü Berlin, 2015; Proyector International Video Festival, Madrid Spain; artvideoKOELN International, TENRI 2015; IWF Mördertreff, Spor Klübü Berlin, 2014; „Points of View“, Centrala, Birmingham UK 2014; „Deceptor“, FIFI Projects, Mexico City, 2014; Videonale 14 Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany 2013; Videonale on Tour Moscow/Art Moscow 2013; „My over-groomed sense of entitlement“, cinema screening at Directors Lounge, Berlin, 2013; “Points of View”, Video Art Festival, in collaboration with the Art Musuem, Gallery Manhattan and the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (Poland), 2013; “Kafka Fragmente” Inside and outside projection Panorama Saal of the CHB ( Collegium Hungaricum, Musuem’s Island Berlin) together with opera Singer Natalia Pschenitschnikova, 2013; “Remix” Spor Klübü Berlin, 2013; Filmfestival Videomedeja, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2013. “Cocaine blows my brain..”, Spor Klübü, Berlin, Germany 2012 Screening Honest Lies, Kino Central with Medienwerkstatt Berlin; 2012 Athens Video Art Festival, Honest Lies, Athens, Greece; 2012 LAXart LA with Pacific Standard Time Festival; 2011 Video of the Month, NBK video archive collection; 2010 “Soundgate”, Kunsten Museum for Modern Art, Aalborg, Denmark; “Me, Myself and I (Conversations with Oneself)”, INPUT #2: Spring 2010; P.A.S.T. Projects and Elena Bajo, The Woodmill, London; 2009 “All Creatures Great and Small”, National Gallery, Warsaw, Poland; Opening Exhibition, Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, Berlin; 2008 “All That I Am”. International Video Art – Collection of NBK Video-Forum, traveling; “Videobar Kino Babylon and NBK – International Female Video Works”; 2006-08 “100 days = 100 Videos”, Kunstverein Heidelberg, GL Strand Copenhagen.

Solo Exhibitions/Presentations: 2019 “Heroines of Sound”, Radial System Berlin, 2018 “My House is on Fire”, Directors Lounge, Berlin; 2013 „My over-groomed sense of entitlement“, cinema screening at Directors Lounge, Berlin; 2011 “Honest Lies”, C&H art space, Amsterdam; 2009 “Bartleby”, Rupert Goldsworthy Gallery, Berlin; 2007 “The Blind”, Florence Lynch Gallery, New York; 2004 “Pretender”, Florence Lynch Gallery, NYC; “The Gallery & I, Part 2”, (Public Art Work NYC); 2003 “The Gallery & I”, (Public Art Work) with Florence Lynch Gallery, NYC; 2002 “Guinea Pig”, Florence Lynch Gallery; 1999 “Orbiter 2,” MOCA Museum for Contemporary Art, Washington D.C.; “Orbiter,” Florence Lynch Gallery, New York.