Please press both play buttons. As part of the concept, the videos do not need to play simultaneously. In the video installation the videos played randomly.

„The Blind“ is adapted from Maurice Maeterlink’s surrealistic theater piece, The Blind. Stellbaum has altered the score and invented a libretto. (Gabriele Stellbaum plays all of the characters.)
„The Blind“:

After their guide mysteriously disappears, a group of blind people traveling in a forest are stranded. Distressed about time, danger and their possible doom, they wait anxiously for the return of their guide who had in fact died.

The characters communicate across the screens, while at the same time creating a play of one person talking to herself, as if she is a poetic lunatic. The images appear emotionally restrained; their words are whispered, spo- ken without addressing anybody and sung in a stoic manner. The facial expressions of the blind do not agree with the customary meaning of the spoken words and generate a sense of unreality and obscure associations. The work explores how we define our world through sight and how the absence of sight redirects our experience though our tactile and auditory senses. Stellbaum integrates slowness into the movements of the blind, who reside in a more or less static position on stage, while their thoughts, expressed through the spoken or sung words create the real drama and the overall sense of isolation and lack of direction.